Monday, October 25, 2010

TERM 4 PI!!!!


  1. Wow mike that was a really really good P.I! I loved it how you brought nick into the class! Maybe next time you could speak a bit more clearly but you did really well.

  2. Well done Michael!!! :)
    what you did well- you put lots of effort into it.
    what you could do better next time- maybe add more info.

  3. Great P.I

    What you did well:you spoke loud & clearly
    Next time: Keep eye contact with the audience
    Libby, Alana & Kate

  4. will dune mike your riding was so good BUT you answered with the same sentence ho yep

  5. awesome P.I mike I did not no nick croswell was coming and great questions too.Next time try two get in one more person in.

  6. That was a great PI mike.We liked it how you had good audience interaction - it was fun playing touch.Next time when you ask the questions you could speak a little pit louder.

    nat and hannah

  7. Mean PI Mike it was cool and so was Nick Crozzwell good luck for the future but next time speak a bit louder

  8. Cool Pi Mike!!
    That was tottaly cool!!
    You spoke clear and had some really good questions and its cool that you had nick come in!!!
    next time: Speak louder!!
    Awesome PI Bro!
    Kale and Britt =D

  9. good pi make it was good when we played touch but maybe next time you could make more questions on the quiz


  10. good pi mike you had great questions but maybe next time speak a bit louder

  11. well done mike you spoke really clear and you had heaps of queustions.

    but next time some more information

  12. great pi mike you spook really clearly and the game at the end was great but next time maybe have some info instead of just question all the time but apart from that great job,