Sunday, May 23, 2010


Self assessment

what i did i do well
I did a good movie
what I leant
how hurricanes form

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Comments By (all names in your group please)

This is a lot of work, Mike. It is really well set out and logically arranged. Your presentation is pleasing to look at, although I think you should probably have cut out your pictures straighter and put borders around them TC

I think that was a good topic but next time speak a little bit clearer. i think your pi was interesting because i never knew how to make a swimming pool. good work congrats mike Hannah, emma and natalya

Very interesting I never knew it was that hard to make a swimming pool. You've obviously put in a lot of work. Well done. Libby, Kate and Alana

Good work.lots of research and interesting. Nat and Linda

We loved all your specific information and detail but try to look at us when you are talking, but your PI was awesome anyway!! Lucy, Maddy, Zia and Grace

you put lots of work into it and you researched a lot so we reckon you did awsome congrats mike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! caelum and caleb

Well done Mike we think you did good and we thought the topic was a good choise we also liked how you put the pool liner good job! Britt and Kel

Cool! your P.I was really interesting I liked it how you did steps and why you chose your topic about pools! Harry, chaz

we think you did well because you spoke clearly and taught us how to make a swimming pool Sophie,Sara

We think that was great it looked liked you put a lot of efort into it well done mike we think it would be cool if you made a little pool following the step you did Hadley Alan

cool but you could try to persade your parents to build a pool. cool but how do you make a heated pool aidan,thomas

It was a brilliant idea miky. there was lots of imformation. I would have liked a model but still, Great!!! Oliver

great P.I mick and lots of imformation about builting a pool.

What did I learn? about swimming pools

What did I do well? I had a good lay out

What could I do better next time? look at the people on the mat

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Monday, May 3, 2010

The humongous fish

The humongous fish

“Splash!!” went the wavy sea as my boat was going up and down like a water hurricane and then it pulled me in to the water. The water was as cold as Antarctic ocean
I saw a snapper fish and a barracuda it looked as ugly as a sea monster. suddenly I got sucked under the bottom of the sea. I felt like I was suffercate and die but I pulled myself up and survived.

By Mike